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Motor Vehicle accidents

  • We have been treating Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries for over 25 years.
  • We are well versed in treating the soft and hard tissue injuries that result from MVA's
  • We bill the at fault drivers insurance directly for you and help you to understand your insurance benefits.
  • We help you file your Med-pay claim free of charge
  • We work closely with your Attorney to make sure all proper documentation is included to get the best settlement for your claim.
  • If you are at fault and have no insurance we will finance your care at no interest and no credit check
  • That means you can get chiropractic care and massage therapy at Valley Chiropractic Group without having to pay anything up front or out of pocket under most circumstances.

Find Out More About Fayetteville Motor Vehicle Accident Treatment


If you have been in a car accident, you may need chiropractic care. At Valley Chiropractic Group, No Referral Is Necessary, and you are not required to ask permission from the insurance company to get care from any of our doctors.


Insurance companies realize the many advantages of chiropractic care, and chiropractic treatment is usually fully covered by automobile insurance policies, no matter who is at fault, and no matter whether you were the driver, a passenger, or a pedestrian. We will help you submit the necessary insurance paperwork to file a claim with the insurance company.


All our doctors are integrated providers. If you need an MRI, we can get you that. If you need referral to a neurosurgeon or pain managementspecialist, we have those cooperative medical doctors within our network. If you need a physical therapy referral beyond what we can do in our clinic, or if you need Acupuncture, those referral networks are already set up for you at Valley Chiropractic Group.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. It was a small auto accident, not a lot of damage, but my neck and back still hurts!      Why?

A. Often times there is no direct correlation between vehicular damage and the amount of injury a person sustains. IN FACT:In accident tests performed on volunteers who were rear ended by vehicles traveling less than five miles per hour, 38% of the test subjects incurred pain and other whiplash-type symptoms. Also noted was the fact that few bumpers are damaged on vehicles rear ended at these low speeds. What occurs in low speed collisions is the impact velocity is transferred from several thousand pounds of mass directly to the occupants.


Q. The insurance adjuster was mean or rude to me, what does that mean?

A. Often time's unscrupulous insurance adjusters try to scare you out of your rights to treatment or compensation. They may treat you as if this was your fault or even imply that you are a liar. It is a common practice to make it difficult so you will just give up and go away. Do not ever sign any thing or accept money until you have spoken to an attorney or treated for your injuries.


Q. It was not my fault; do I have to deal with my insurance at all?

A. You will always want to notify your insurance that you were involved in an accident. Many times there is a benefit known as Med-Pay on your insurance. This is coverage that you pay for and covers any injury relating to an automobile accident whether your fault or not. It will even cover passengers. Filing your Med-Pay will not increase your rates and any unused Med-Pay does not accrue or roll over to the following year but rather is lost. Often times using ones med pay leaves money from the third party to pay for additional bills or goes to you for compensation.


Q. It was my fault; does that mean I can't get care?

A. Injuries don't care who was at fault, they hurt regardless. If you were at fault you may still and should receive care. We are providers with most major health insurance's including Medicaid and Medicare; or if you are like many with out health insurance the clinic does offer no credit check and often times no interest financing. We do this as a courtesy so that you may get the care you need now with out worrying about how to pay for it.


Q. I went to the Emergency Room and they did not take x-rays. They sent me home      without medicines. Does that mean I don't need anything else?

A. The emergency room is for emergencies. It is their job to ensure you have no "life" threatening injuries and that you are stable. They may then refer you out, tell you to follow up or simply send you on your way. However if you are still experiencing pain or dysfunction then you should seek additional care as soon as possible. We have had many patients seen at the ER and either told they would be fine only to continue in pain. This is NOT the ER's fault it's just sometimes injuries take longer to show or resolve.


Q. I had an accident and now I want chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, physical      therapy, and a gym membership. I feel I have it coming to me!

A. Although it is unfortunate the accident happened to you they are "accidents" and do not entitle you to a "golden ticket" for anything. However you DO have the right to have you and your property returned to its pre-accident condition. Sometimes this is simply not possible and other compensation needs to be made.


Q. What will the chiropractor do?

A. It depends on what is needed in your particular case. After a thorough history and examination the doctor will explain his findings and answer any questions about your injuries. They will then outline a customized treatment plan for your case and augment as needed. This may include physio-therapies to safely and naturally reduce your pain and promote healing, spinal and soft tissue adjustments to free up segmental restriction's or adhesions, massage therapy, prescribed specific exercises to strengthen weakened or imbalanced musculature or recommend orthopedic equipment, topical analgesics or supplements.


Q. What X-rays do I need? Do I need X-rays?

A. We do not routinely take X-rays unless needed. After a thorough history and examination the doctor will decide if x-rays are needed. If so they can be preformed on site. As integrated providers we are able to refer for a wide host of diagnostics including MRI, Ultra Sounds, CAT scans and Nerve Conduction studies.


Q. What about pre-existing conditions when I have a car accident? Can I get them      treated too?

A. No only the injuries resulting form the motor vehicle accident will be covered under the third party liability carrier (car insurance). However often times motor vehicle accidents exacerbate pre-existing conditions that were previously not symptomatic like say arthritis. In this case you have a right to return the condition to its prior symptom level.

You can certainly be treated for other conditions while under care for your motor vehicle injuries but a separate visit and insurance must be used.


Q. What if I just wait and see if I will get better eventually?

A. Many people unfortunately take this route. Sometimes it turns out ok but many times it leaves them with what is known as a greater degree of residual impairment. To you this means chronic pain and a degenerating condition for years to come. Worse yet if you settle with the insurance prior to seeking care you are most likely to be left responsible with no compensation or means to pay for the care.


Q. I am already seeing my PCP and a physical therapist; can I still come to you?

A. Yes, We specialize in motor vehicle cases and are experts in spinal manipulation for the injuries that often result from these accidents. Although medications can be helpful in relieving the pain they do not offer a functional correction to these injuries. If you do not receive a functional correction to injuries of this nature it is likely to result in a greater degree of residual and functional impairment. In fact we often work with other health professionals to co-manage motor vehicle injuries.


Q. Why do I have to answer all these questions, fill out these forms and fill in all these      body drawings?

A. This not only helps us determine the extent of your condition but also helps us accurately document your case for the best re-imbursement and compensation.